Weak Leaders are on the Rise!

Apr 9, 2019 | Warehouse Consulting, Warehouse Management

You may ask yourself why would weak warehouse leaders be on the rise?

It’s not that Strong Warehouse Leaders are not great leaders, however weak leaders are open to a different expectations.

Think about this, People love Jokes. With a joke there is a expectation and a response. Regardless if the Joke is a good or bad joke, there is the element of surprise and a response. Now let’s take that same concept to a Warehouse. With a warehouse there are expectations and responses.

Receive, Store, Pick, and Ship

On a daily basis we receive products and ship products.

In some warehouses these quantities on a daily basis may be a surprise and some maybe scared about the fluctuating volumes.

It’s those leaders that are open to new expectations and responses. Where a Strong Leader is expected to have all the answers, however with the amount of data now available, Weak leaders will take the data and look at new ways. This is why we are seeing a shift to “Weak” leaders. Typically Strong leaders already have the answer.

Don’t be afraid and follow the new ideas. This can seem to be a daunting task, but remember to rely on the power of the data and people.