Cost or Customer Service? Alpine Makes it so You Don’t Have to Choose

Jan 16, 2020 | Supply Chain Consulting

Michael Wohlwend was quoted in "Good Question." "Why not choose both?" - Michael Wohlwend
To choose cost or customer service can be difficult. Alpine makes it so you don’t have to! Alpine Managing Principal, Michael Wohlwend, is featured in the current issue of Inbound Logistics in the “Good Question” section. When posed the question, “When choosing a logistics provider, what’s more important: cost or customer service?” Alpine makes it so you don’t have to choose. 
Michael responded “Why must you choose one?  Why not have both?”  Customer Service is vital in a partnership to ensure the right product gets to the right place, at the right time, and on value!  Today with the volatility of the order profile changing, and the new metric of next-day delivery, it is extremely important that you and your selected logistics provider perform a detailed design session to align on the key metrics of success, and on how when volumes go up, so does the price.”
More About Michael:

Managing Principal, Michael Wohlwend spent six years with SAP running the Mid-West Services business, where he was the executive sponsor on 3 SAP EWM installs. Michael also spent seven years with Manhattan Associates where he was involved in over 30+ installs. In addition, his responsibilities included RFID in a BOX. Prior to that as a member of consulting and software firms, he provided supply chain solutions for more than 30 top companies including Technicolor, Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlantic, Sargento Foods, Johnsonville, IKON Office Solutions, Depuy, Schwarz Pharma, Long’s Drugs, Ross Stores, QVC, eLuxury, Alliance Beverage and Churchill Distributors.

In his 25 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Wohlwend has authored numerous articles for trade publications and has presented more than 70 seminars and speeches at key industry events. These events include National Conference of Operations & Fulfillment (NCOF), Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC), Council of Logistics Management (CLM), ScanTech, Distribution Computer Expo and ID Expo. He has been a board member of WERC since 2008 and Past President in 2014.