New Face Can be Seen Around Alpine: Please Welcome Brenda

Jan 28, 2020 | HR Solutions

Brenda Stoltz joins Alpine Supply Chain Solutions Team.
Alpine is growing again! We are proud to welcome Brenda Stoltz as the leader of our new Human Resource Solutions Practice. With her operational leadership background and recent experience heading up HR at Target Distribution, Brenda brings real-world experience to the talent needs of warehouses. Ensuring high-end compliance and execution of work responsibilities, she excels in the areas of staffing, employee relations, performance management, payroll/compliance, training and development, organizational restructuring, workforce planning, and change management.

Brenda Stoltz is a Human Resources Leader and an experienced Operations Manager instilled with the practical knowledge of strategic leadership and management.  She holds a strong sense of business objectives and strives to develop a positive culture that promotes constructive growth. As a dynamic leader with robust interpersonal skills, she holds experience in leading highly proficient teams comprising of HR Specialists, HR Business Partners, and operations managers. She aims to develop a healthy workspace environment that nurtures new talent and helps operational partners meet their goals.

Brenda’s greatest source of inspiration comes from witnessing the growth and development of team members & operations partners. She admires working with others and helping them identify, analyze, and solve complex business issues through strategic leadership and teamwork. Besides this, she is an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time in the company of her husband and two wonderful toddler boys.