The Odyssey

Buying Enterprise Software Webinar

Wednesday January 13, 2021

2pm Central

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Replacing your existing enterprise software is, by definition, a risky business.  There are many factors that can cause the implementation of new software to be less than optimal, if not downright disastrous. We have all read the horror stories!

Whether you are buying an ERP, WMS, TMS or another type of supply chain execution solution, the selection process is about a lot more than settling on new functionality to run your business. It’s truly about starting a 10-15-year relationship with a new partner.

During this webinar, a team of Alpine’s experienced Supply Chain Consultants will discuss the many ways new implementations can go wrong and cover the Six Steps to Success you can deploy to mitigate these risks, find the right partner for your future, and successfully enable your business to move forward into the future.