HR Solutions


HR & Operational Excellence Solutions

Alpine Supply Chain offers consulting services to assess your current HR strategies and provides solutions in line with industry best practices to ensure your company is and continues to be an employer of choice. Our human resources services include:

Workforce Planning & Metrics
Talent Management
Leadership Training & Development
Employee "Culture" Engagement
Supervisor Efficiency Analysis
HR Best Practices & Compliance

HR Workforce Planning & Metrics

Having a good staffing strategy in place is one of the most critical factors in ensuring success in other metrics of your distribution center. The importance of knowing how many people you have, how many you need, and in what areas of your business cannot be underestimated. With HR solutions, we can assess the health of your current staffing levels and readiness for future needs assessing all areas of direct and indirect impact.

Talent Management

Human Capital can be your competitive advantage or disadvantage depending on how well you’re doing at attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. Having strategic and long-term talent management plans are crucial to the long-term success and growth of any company but it can easily be put on the backburner to take care of the more “urgent” needs. Alpine offers a streamlined approach to ensuring the talent management and planning of your team is not only efficient and timely but also effective.



  • Recruiting &Assessing Talent
  • Pre-boarding


  • Training and onboarding
  • Assessment, Development, Exposure
  • Developmental Action Plans



  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Design

Leadership Training & Development

Some of the best training and development comes from real life experience however, this should not replace strategic, tailored, and formal training. It is the combination of both that can expedite the development of your leaders and employees to help them be successful in the role they hold today, and help them grow into the role you’ll need them for tomorrow.

At Alpine, our number one priority is to offer a tailored approach that will result in the most professional growth for your employees. Therefore, we offer both facilitated training as well as training modules that are ready for your team to deliver.  These training modules allow you to pick and choose what topics your team will get the most benefit from, and in the way that will be most impactful.

Employee “culture” Engagement

Most leaders today would clearly identify attracting qualified talent as a top priority. But what about retaining that talent you already have? Studies show that the average cost to replace an employee is about 30-50% of that employee’s annual salary! And that’s for non-skilled labor. For a skilled hourly employee or professional, the replacement costs can at times be more than 100% of and employee’s annual salary. And to this, you must add the cost and negative impacts of having a disengaged employee working for your before they left the company. So, ensuring that you have a positive, healthy, and attractive employee culture is not only the pro-team approach, it’s also a smart business decision.

    Alpine offers services to:

    1. Help assess your current culture
    2. Identify strengths and opportunities
    3. Co-develop or strengthen existing employee engagement programs to ensure your employees aren’t only happy to be on your team but they would choose you again if they had the choice!


    Call to schedule an HR solutions best practices assessment today. We will assess key areas and use metrics to score where you are doing well and where you could use some help. The assessment is complimentary.