Warehouse Slotting White Paper – Increase Productivity by 10%

Strategic slotting can drive 10% or more productivity improvement

Like most organizations, you may find it difficult to deal with the myriad of slotting issues, which have become too complex for guesswork, paper-based
calculations, spreadsheets, and outdated slotting methodologies. Many companies use a homegrown tool to determine how to locate a product, and often users don’t have access to all the information to pick the best location.

  • Do you have to  touch the product many times to move it through a distribution center?
  • Do pickers have to wait for product to be delivered for picking?
  • When a pallet reaches the shipping dock, is it ready to be loaded without restacking?
  • Are all the products slotted according to weight and height to allow for easy pallet building?
  • Are fast moving products in the “golden zone”?
  • Are promotions incorporated into current slotting plans?
  • Does your tool allow for multiple item location swaps across multiple pick locations in a daisy chain set of moves to optimize multiple product placement with one pass?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions download the white paper today or contact us at Alpine to speak with a warehouse slotting expert.

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