Press release: Alpine Supply Chain Solutions Optimizes e-Commerce for AMS Fulfillment

Press release: Alpine Supply Chain Solutions Optimizes e-Commerce for AMS Fulfillment

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a distribution optimization project for AMS Fulfillment, a third-party logistics service provider specializing in e-commerce and business-to-business fulfillment.
For AMS Fulfillment, Alpine helped to:
  • Improve the use of their space, equipment and labor
  • Increase throughput
  • Decrease replenishment costs
  • Increase Units Per Hour, Lines Per Hour, and overall slotting optimization.
AMS Fulfillment’s Vice President of Operations Marco Pelaez said, “Alpine worked side by side with our team and helped us make incredible gains in productivity.”
More About AMS Fulfillment:

Advantage Media Services, Inc. (AMS) is a full-service order fulfillment company operating as a third-party resource for Order Management, Warehouse Management and Fulfillment Services.

AMS Fulfillment sets itself apart from others in the Fulfillment Industry with Pro-Active Support that strives to make our clients successful and years of Experience to guide our decisions. We support a variety of businesses and program types, with a core service of providing both Business-to-Consumer (B-2-C) and Business-to-Business (B-2-B) fulfillment for an array of branded consumer products.

The AMS team is a cohesive group of professionals with many decades of order fulfillment experience in both B-2-B and direct-to-consumer operations. We rely upon an advanced Technology Platform and proven operating methodologies to function as a proficient partner for the clients we serve. Our formula is simple – give the client your thought, energy and effort as if it were your own business, because when the client succeeds, we succeed!

Our unique philosophy has led us to seek and gain certification as a B-Corporation. 1) We are centered on understanding the administrative and operating nuances of each client, 2) We work proactively with the client to ensure they receive tremendous service at the lowest cost impact, 3) We uphold the social goals of our community by hiring the underserved and educating and training employees and and the community, and 4) We uphold the environmental goals of our community.

It’s a philosophy that has served us all quite well as we continue to develop long-term, friendly and successful business, employee and community relationships.