Free Covid-19 Electronic Checklist

Automated Task Management for Covid-19 Enhanced Facility Sanitation & Employee Hygiene.

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Help Keep Your Facility Safe During COVID-19

Now more than ever, people must be confident that their surroundings are completely clean, sanitized and safe from possible contamination and harmful germs.

Process and procedures must be the new norm for any warehouse. Having a complete and executed sanitation and hygiene plan is instrumental to operating a successful and safe business and protecting your brand. 

The Free COVID-19 Checklist provides automated checklists, documented procedures and task management for COVID-19 enhanced facility sanitation and employee hygiene. It is tailored specifically for HACCP planning for COVID-19 control in terms of cross contamination, sanitation and hygiene. The mobile application monitors critical tasks, allowing businesses an easy and efficient way to track facility cleanliness and employee hygiene. 


A convenient, easy to use mobile app (iPhone or Android)



Automated Data Collection & Cloud Storage provides a defensible, consistent audit trail of required data with unique reports and subscriptions.


Digitizing checklists & assessments allow data to be relevant, time-bound and measured ensuring accountability.


Complete reporting and analytics allows you to identify problems and resolve situations before they become issues.

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