Catch Michael Wohlwend’s Take on the Importance of Warehouse Management in Supply Chain Dive

Catch Michael Wohlwend’s Take on the Importance of Warehouse Management in Supply Chain Dive

Alpine’s Michael Wohlwend was quoted in Supply Chain Dive, “The Changing Face of Warehouse Change Management,” sharing insights on training and retaining good warehouse employees and to creating a favorable work environment. New technologies can completely alter a worker’s daily job, requiring operations executives to take a strategic approach to managing labor through the change.
“When Amazon opened a Chicago facility with $15 hourly pay, 80 of the 220 workers at a 3PL in Chicago called in sick,” Michael Wohlwend, managing principal at Alpine Supply Chain Solutions, told Supply Chain Dive. “Pay is important, but it’s only part of workers’ calculus. Many eventually returned to the more favorable working conditions at the 3PL,” he said.
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About Michael Wohlwend:

Managing Principal, Michael Wohlwend spent six years with SAP running the Mid-West Services business, where he was the executive sponsor on 3 SAP EWM installs. Michael also spent seven years with Manhattan Associates where he was involved in over 30+ installs. In addition, his responsibilities included RFID in a BOX. Prior to that as a member of consulting and software firms, he provided supply chain solutions for more than 30 top companies including Technicolor, Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlantic, Sargento Foods, Johnsonville, IKON Office Solutions, Depuy, Schwarz Pharma, Long’s Drugs, Ross Stores, QVC, eLuxury, Alliance Beverage and Churchill Distributors.

In his 25 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Wohlwend has authored numerous articles for trade publications and has presented more than 70 seminars and speeches at key industry events. These events include National Conference of Operations & Fulfillment (NCOF), Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC), Council of Logistics Management (CLM), ScanTech, Distribution Computer Expo and ID Expo. He has been a board member of WERC since 2008 and Past President in 2014.

Catch Michael Wohlwend’s Take on the Importance of Warehouse Management in Supply Chain Dive

The Rise of Robots in Distribution Centers

Check out this great article we saw in Supply Chain Dive about the dramatic rise of robotics in distribution centers!

At Alpine, we’ve been working with many of our clients on the same thing. As the cost of labor is rising and the cost of automation is coming down, the tipping point for robotics is upon us. Many of our clients are analyzing opportunities for robots and we have recently helped three of them justify “goods to person” system. And, we are installing one right now!

In addition, the success of several robot installations in a “Layer” pick environment has been proven, so now we are working with several CPG companies to develop an adoption plan for this application. There are some great insights from Gartner in the article, as well, from their “Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies” report. Check it out!

Excerpt from the article:

RaaS warehouse solutions require little infrastructure and can be flexibly deployed in any facility, Parks said. InVia Robotics offers an automated picking system to manage a network of picker robots that can autonomously move inventory from one point to another. The compact robots are two feet tall by two feet wide, can reach up to eight feet high and can carry standard totes weighing up to 40 pounds.

“There really isn’t much infrastructure required,” he said. “You just basically put a bunch of stickers on your existing shelving and the robots go and pick.”